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Posted on: February 13, 2009 5:15 pm

Will the Rays continue their Climb to stardom!

Her we are! The beginning of another glorious baseball season, and I find myself looking forward to this one more than in recent years, and the Rays are a big reason for it. The low budget Rays, (who are loaded with great young talent) almost did it! They made it to the world series with a combination of talent, great drafting, good managerial skills, and some fantastic pitching.

The scary thing is, on paper, they look even better this year. Remember that they did as well as they did, while having several major stops on the DL along the way. They came out of the toughest division in baseball, with a payroll that was more than dwarfed by the mighty Yankees, and the defending world champs, Red Sox. Let's not forget that Toronto also had beefed up there roster, by spending on a mini Yankee level, and were picked to challenge the Yanks and Sox.

If the Rays can get a little luck, and their new young talent progress's a bit, and the Rays don't have a bunch of let downs from their success, they could be ready to win it all! I can't believe that I actually said that the Tampa Rays have a shot to win it all, but they didn't lose any key parts, and actually will add some additional young talent, and will have Price for a longer portion of the season.

WOW! These guys could be even better this year. Yes. Last year they made a believer out of me! What say you? Will they be able to continue their meteoric rise, to the pinnacle of the baseball world?

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